For over 25 years, PRI has delivered personalized customer service to provide the most innovative Metal Stamping Equipment and Material Handling Solutions available on the market.  Our professional staff is dedicated to partnering with you to provide solutions for your business - a connection that we value!

Metal Stamping Equipment
Since 1987, PRI has been providing Metal Stamping solutions for industry professionals. With the intent to build long-lasting relationships with his customers, our founder, Jim Cackler, focused primarily on outstanding service in order to help solve problems presented to him by production managers, technicians, engineers, press operators and maintenance personnel working in the Metal Stamping field. Still guided by Jim’s philosophy to go “above and beyond” to serve our customers, PRI has proudly maintained long-term relationships with many customers who have been with us since the beginning. Today we sell and represent products and equipment made by the best in the industry including Mechanical, Hydraulic & Air Presses, Feed Line Equipment, Press Controls, ISB Safety Products, Die Lubrication Systems, Quick Die Change products, Metal Stamping Lubricants, Conveyors and Transporter Shaker Systems, Press Vibration Isolation Mounts, Die Safety Blocks, Coil Bridge Conveyers, Press Unloaders, Hand Nibblers, Shears & Laser Slat Cleaners, Parallelism Verification Devices, Shut Height Monitors, Stop Time Measurement Devices and many more specialty items.

Our Metal Stamping experts are here to help find answers for your problems! Please click on the links below for more details about the products listed:
Toledo Transducers, Inc.

P/A Industries

Feed Lease Corporation

Press Controls

ISB Safety Products

Mechanical Power Presses

Die Lubrication Systems

Quick Die Change

Metal Stamping Lubricants


Vibration Isolation Mounts

Slings - Chains - Hooks



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