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Toledo Transducers, Inc. / Toledo Integrated Systems

Providing Force Measurement, Press Automation, Control Systems, Load Cells & Production Monitoring Software

Since 1976, Toledo Integrated Systems has developed force measurement, tonnage monitoring and press control systems for some of the finest manufacturers in the world, not only evolving with the industry, but creating many of the innovations that have set the standard for force measurement today. The business has now expanded to include the most complete line of monitoring equipment in the industry today. This includes integrating nearly all press automation and control devices into one operator interface for complete workspace integration. The press controls group has recently expanded its offerings with more all-in-one automation systems with the Press Attendant. We also offer a stand-alone clutch/brake control, the Press Pilot 150. In addition, our in-house calibration laboratory is accredited by A2LA for calibrations up to 2 million pounds. Our special load cell group has designed hundreds of different load cells for various applications.

Throughout all of these changes, we have remained an industry leader by focusing on meeting the needs of our customers in the metal forming industry. Through hard work and commitment, we have developed a reputation for quality and dependability, which is unparalleled in the industry. We are a multi-service, international organization that includes both an in-house and field service support staff.

Our Product Lines include:
Tonnage Monitors
Tonnage monitors can extend the lifespan of your press and dies, protect against hard hits and provide data to determine optimal tonnage for forming parts. Toledo Integrated Systems offers a wide variety of monitors for each press application. These applications include C-Frame, OBI, OBS, forging, powdered metal, refractory, transfers, assembly and double action presses.

Press Controls & Automation
Our press controls & automation department can custom design any line of PLC (Allen-Bradley, Seimens, Mitsubish, etc.) for your press line or integrate into an existing control system. We offer a wide variety of solutions ranging from a simple and easy to setup clutch/brake control package, to a more complex networked all-in-one complete press line solution.

All-In-One Automation
These systems do exactly what their name says, everything. These are prepackaged systems designed for an easy install but provide many options including tonnage monitoring, die protection, job storage, brake monitoring, tonnage signatures and press room networking capabilities.

Sensors & Load Cells
We custom design load cells and sensors for a variety of applications, concentrating mainly on tension and compression forces. These load cells are used in a large array of industries including metal stamping, plastics, aerospace, automotive and government mints.

Press Calibration Load Cells
No one else manufactures anything like the AutoCell™... calibration standard load cells with built-in instrumentation for measuring dynamic tonnage. These load cells are calibrated to A2LA accreditation standards.

Press Room Monitoring Software
Toledo Integrated Systems offers a wide variety of press room monitoring/networking software applications custom fit for your application. We offer an array of software applications ranging from signature viewer to our more advanced systems which can monitor, record and report data from our tonnage monitors, all-in-one systems or PLC based control systems.

Stamping Press Safety
Ensuring the safety of employees running or near your press is always a concern. Add an extra layer of security and safety to your press with a Toledo Integrated Systems brake monitor and Guardstar light curtains.

Die Protection
Die protection units from Toledo can range from all-in-one systems to specifically just die protection. We carry a wide variety of die protection options that will fit your individual needs.

Programmable Limit Switches
Programmable limit switches eliminate the need to manually adjust mechanical limit switches. Our PLS's can control air blow-off, feed, part lubrication and other automated functions and can expand up to 64 outputs.

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