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Lift Tables


Lift tables are ideal for applications in which operator performance is enhanced by reducing bending and lifting. A lift table from Productivity Resources is the perfect tool for heavy-duty, high-capacity loading, positioning and unloading. We carry many different lift table designs, including scissor lift tables, low profile tables, ground level lifts, tilt tables, lift & tilt tables, rotating platforms, and lift & rotate positioners.


High-cycle lifts were designed for automated machine feeding or off-loading applications that demand high-duty cycles. Lift speeds start out twice as fast as standard units and can be modified to customer needs approaching a 40 feet per minute speed. These high-cycle units utilize a clean and simple design, but are still feature-rich.


Bin Tilters are designed to reduce reaching and bending into parts containers. There are models suitable for palletized loads, carts and stacker bins. Consider both stationary units and mobile positioners.


Tilters are used in workstation applications to eliminate bending and stretching. The tilters tip containers to the workers, reducing fatigue and back injuries. Air-operated tilters offer the advantage of requiring no electrical connections. They operate on shop air with a minimum of 60 psi. The angle of tilt may increase as the load is decreased, which automatically positions the bin toward the operator as it is unloaded.


Upenders are tilters that tilt a full ninety (90) degrees. It is common to equip one platform with a "V" cradle to hold coils or rolls. The upender is then called a roll "palletizer" or "depalletizer". Lifts can be mounted on either side of the platform and so can turntables.


Turntables are used for positioning jobs where heavy duty loads must be rotated on a regular basis. There are two basic types of standard-duty turntables, non-powered and powered. Turntables are available in low profile and high profile configurations. We offer ring-bearing turntables for positioning jobs where very heavy loads must be rotated quickly, positioned accurately, and where high edge loading is expected.


Manlifts evolved from standard lift table units to specialized units designed for order picking operations. Their chief features include handrail and gate configurations on three sides and in some instances they have modified platform outlines.


Mezzanine lifts and scissor lifts have been safely moving men and material from ground level to higher elevations for more than 60 years and are an economical alternative to reciprocating conveyors and elevators with their elaborate guiding and hoisting mechanisms.


Productivity Resources partners with suppliers who build the highest performance lift tables in the industry. If you cannot find specifications to meet your needs (we offer more standard choices than anyone else in the industry), then contact us regarding our special, custom design capabilities.
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